Universal Healing Tao

Inner Alchemy of the TaoTaoist techniques that can quiet your mind so you can discover your true self in the wisdom of the heart.

• Teaches that the Tao is the flow of nature, the effortless middle path of self-discovery
• Shows how to quiet the monkey mind (the ego) and listen within for your inner voice
• Fosters a connection to the Tao through diet, exercise, livelihood, and sexuality

Taoists say that we must learn to observe with the mind and think with the heart. In the West we get caught up in the “monkey mind” of our ego. We think we can control our individual destinies by swimming upstream against the current, but we are mistaken. When we learn to quiet the monkey mind with meditation practices, we are able to go beyond the linear thinking of the upper brain and connect to the multidimensional thinking of supreme consciousness in the heart center.

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