Microcosmic Orbit

MicrocosmicOrbitThe Microcosmic Orbit is a fundamental technique. For centuries it was a highly goarded precious secret of taoist masters. By practicing it, we connect the two main meridians in our body. Doing so enables the life force to flow freely. This balances Yin and Yang, warm and cold energy, Shen (Heart) and Kindeys (Ching), Heaven and Earth.

The so called Governor Vessel (Yang, Du Mai), starts at the perineum, the lowest point of our torso between anus and genitals. It rises up the spine, around the head and down to the upper palate.

The counterpart is the Conception Vessel (Yin, Ren Mai). It also starts at the perineum and rises upwards in the middle of the front of our body up to the tip of the tongue.

By letting the tip of the tongue rest at the little indentation behind your upper front teeth, we close the circuit of those two meridians.

With the Inner Smile, our breath and our eyes, we guide our consciousness and therefore life energy Chi along this circuit. Similar to the tubings in a house the main supply is the most important. Only if the main tubes are free they can distribute their content to the secondary tubes.

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