About me

Moved by the question of the big picture, I studied philosophy, psychology and computer science (M.A.) in Erlangen. My main interests are natural science topics, politics and society as well as religion and spiritual practice. I worked for a good nine years as an online editor for kid’s education, the last two years as a senior editor. Currently I am freelancing as well as teaching Qi Gong.

I have had individual meditative experience since 1996. At the beginning of 2010 I started Qi Gong practice within the Universal Healing Tao (UHT) of Mantak Chia withSenior Instructor  Dipl.-Psych. Harald Röder at the Qi Gong Tao Institute in Nuremberg, Germany.

In mid-2012, I completed the training for the first teacher degree, the Associate Instructor (UHT) with him. In 2016 I acquired the second teacher degree, the Certified Instructor (UHT). I chose this path because I found experiences during my own meditation practice partly verbatim in books by Mantak Chia.

Other teachers who have contributed significantly to my training are Grandmaster Mantak Chia himself, the Senior Instructors Wolfgang Heuhsen, Thomas Hicklin, Jutta Kellenberger, Josefine Reimig as well as many more good souls.

In addition, a two-week darkroom retreat with Mantak Chia in the Darkroom at Tao Garden, Thailand, was of great importance for my Qi Gong practice. It was one of the most profound experiences in my life.

As a Certified Instructor, I currently teach:

Basic techniques (Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds)
Microcosmic Orbit
Iron Shirt I
Dan Tien Qi Gong
General Qi Gong
In the context of my further education I offer Chi Nei Tsang I Massage and Fusion I at special conditions

Private lessons, workshops and courses by individual arrangement.

Please send inquiries to info@taorist.de

I am looking forward to practicing with you!



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